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Shoe Art.522F Velour Phard

Antica Calzoleria Eureka was born in Milan in 1878 from the passion of family Forzinetti who began the production of a sandal with two small holes on the front, the famous “two eyes”, an idea so new that it seems like an invention. The success was so huge that people started calling these sandals “Eureka”, from which the brand takes its name. In the early 1970s, the company that now produced only men’s shoes with the “Eureka” brand was purchased by the Medori family from Montegranaro, Alessandro Medori first, Mauro and Andrea, his grandchildren, today.

All the shoes of the “Eureka The Original” brand are worked according to the best craftsmanship tradition and built with top quality materials and with the utmost comfort. Comfort and adaptability to children’s feet is ensured by the “Ideal” construction, the manual workmanship par excellence and one of the most complex, the “ideal” and most functional one for footwear dedicated to children. With 10 employees and a daily production of about 200 pairs, today the company is an emblem of “Made in Italy” and its shoes are distributed in the best stores all over the world.

Art: 522F

Type: Shoe

Supplier: Eureka

Leather: Suede

Lining: Calf


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